Il y a plusieurs manières de nous contacter, selon ce dont vous voulez parler.

Toutes les listes de discussions par courrier électronique sont en anglais sauf indication contraire.

Listes publiques de discussions par messagerie électronique

Ces listes de discussion par courrier électronique sont publiques : les inscriptions sont ouvertes à tous. N'envoyez pas d'informations compromettantes. Merci de respecter le code de conduite.

amnesia-news is the mailing list where we send our news by email. It has a low traffic and it is the right place to stay up-to-date with the releases and security announcements.

Public archive of amnesia-news:

tails-dev is the mailing list where the project is coordinated: technical design questions, upcoming events, monthly reports, and user experience.

Public archive of tails-dev:

tails-testers is the mailing list for people who want to help test new releases or features.

Public archive of tails-testers:


Translators coordinate on the tails-l10n mailing list (l10n stands for localization). This is where important changes to translatable strings are announced. So, please subscribe to the list if you want to become a regular translator:
Public archive of tails-l10n:

Adresses de messagerie électronique privées


You can write encrypted emails to if you need help in private.

OpenPGP key (details)


If you are a journalist and want to write about Tails, or if you want to send us links to press articles about Tails, write to

OpenPGP key (details)


If you want to contact our accounting team, write to

OpenPGP key (details)


If you want to contact our fundraising team, write to

OpenPGP key (details)


To get in touch with the Tails Foundations Team, write to

OpenPGP key (details)


If you want to operate a Tails mirror, see mirror.

To get in touch with the team that manages our pool of mirror, write to

OpenPGP key (details)


To talk about our infrastructure (servers, test suite, repositories, mirrors, etc.), write to

OpenPGP key (details)


To talk about the Tails translation platform, write to

OpenPGP key (details)


You can write to the Board at about sponsorship requests and governance issues.

OpenPGP key (details)


For matters that are listed in none of the above and for vulnerabilities disclosures, you can write encrypted emails to

OpenPGP key (details)

Salons de discussion

You can join our users chat room and developers chat room. Only a few Tails developers hang out there, so email is preferred for anything that might be of interest for the larger community.