The Tails project needs more contributors.

Tor users' anonymity needs more users.

You can help by promoting Tails for instance to:

  • people who need privacy while using computers
  • people who might want to helpfully contribute to Tails
  • people who themselves should be advertising Tails :)

Talk at events

You can talk about Tails at various events, e.g. a local Linux User Group, a group of domestic violence survivors, a security conference. It all depends on who you happen to meet, what they are interested in, and what you feel comfortable talking about. Do not hesitate asking for advice or review of your material.

Specific tasks

See the tasks about promoting Tails on Redmine.

Advertising material

Some minimal amount of advertising material is available already:

As you can see, there is room for improvement. Do not hesitate adding to the list!

This material lives in a dedicated Git repository.

Talk to us

You can subscribe to, our community mailing list.