Willing to make using Tails easier in your own language? Welcome aboard!

For native English speakers

Most of Tails developers are not native English speakers so you're more than welcome to correct or improve our English. For this, you can either follow the Git workflow or propose on tails-dev@boum.org another way that suits you better to share your improvements with us.

Translate Tails custom programs

You can help correct, improve, or complete the translations of Tails programs into your native language:

Translate this website

You can also translate this website, which includes the Tails documentation. This is done with Git.

The translations are peer-reviewed and thus, you need to get into contact with a language team if you want to participate. In general, you can contact the translation teams via the mailing list for translators.

Translators should focus on translating and maintaining the core pages first, then on the rest of the website.

Currently, there are several active language teams:

Other teams are being set up:

  • Turkish

If your language is not listed here, read the documentation to add a new language.

Mailing list for translators

Translators coordinate on the tails-l10n mailing list (l10n stands for localization).

This is where important changes to translatable strings are announced. So, please subscribe to the list if you want to become a regular translator:

Public archive of tails-l10n: https://mailman.boum.org/pipermail/tails-l10n/.