For French, the existing translation team uses Git. Please read the documentation about translating with Git first.

What can be translated

For French, various bits of text can be translated via Git:

Contributors' repositories


A French glossary is hosted by the Tor Project on Transifex.

See also amaGama, which aims to "gather FOSS translations together in one place".

Team duties

Our custom programs can be translated using Transifex. Work done there is not automatically synchronized with the translations your team does in Git.

It is nice to minimize time wasted by unknown people who work, with Transifex, on the same thing as your translation team.

So, a translation team using Git should regularly contact Transifex translators (listed in the Last-translator field of the PO files one can download from Transifex), either over email or using the Transifex interface, to:

  1. Thank them for translating Tails stuff.
  2. Make it clear their work is not imported (and is therefore, well, useless).
  3. Invite them to join the team and share the team's preferred workflow.
  4. Invite them to subscribe to the mailing list for translators.