We have an installation of LimeSurvey to create surveys:



Puppet configuration files:

Git repositories:

  • Upstream repo in https://github.com/LimeSurvey/LimeSurvey.git.

  • Updates repo in /var/lib/limesurvey/ which is synced automatically to the upstream repo.

  • Production repo in /var/www/limesurvey which has the update repo as origin.

Updating LimeSurvey

  1. Read the release notes:


  2. Connect to the platform:

    ssh 7vz7psas6zqqdszg.onion
  3. Update the backup of the database in case things go wrong:

    sudo /usr/sbin/backupninja --now --debug --run /etc/backup.d/10.mysql
  4. Login as www-data:

    sudo -u www-data bash
  5. Fetch the changes from the updates repo:

    git fetch origin
  6. Check the version number in the production repo and the updates repo:

    git log master
    git log origin/master
  7. Merge the updates repo (or the upstream repo) into the production repo:

    git merge $TAG
  8. Check the version in the footer of:


    While doing so you might be prompted to apply database updates.