ikiwiki.setup contains a list of translatable page paths, separated by "or". This is useful for two cases:

  • Adding .html pages for which we want to generate a PO file explicitly,

  • Listing pages which should never be translated. In the list, these pages should be preceded by "!".

Make sure that you:

  • Update po_translatable_pages in both ikiwiki.setup and ikiwiki-cgi.setup.

  • Make sure that PO files for the pages that are changed in po_translatable_pages are either removed or added accordingly.

  • Adjust the inline directives that might reference the pages that are changed in po_translatable_pages. To identify them, execute:

    • git grep '!inline.*currentlang' -- '*.*m*'
  • Update PO files by building the website again (you might need to pass --rebuild) and unfuzz machine-readable strings.

  • To update the configuration of our production website, send a patch against https://git-tails.immerda.ch/puppet-tails/tree/templates/website/ikiwiki.setup.erb to tails-sysadmins@boum.org.