Whenever you work on our website or documentation, you may need to modify our ikiwiki configuration. You need to do so in three different places:

  • The ikiwiki.setup configuration file that lives in our main Git repository is used primarily for building the offline copy of the website that is included in every Tails release.

  • Our live, production website uses its own configuration file which is managed differently.

These configuration files must be updated in a coordinated way, otherwise one can easily break our production website. Here is how to do so:

  1. When submitting a merge request with website changes that require ikiwiki configuration changes:

    • Apply these configuration changes to ikiwiki.setup and include them in your merge request.

    • Make it clear to the reviewer that merging your MR must be coordinated with sysadmins.

  2. git clone https://gitlab.tails.boum.org/tails/puppet-tails.git and apply the same changes to the ikiwiki configuration used by our production website:

  3. Submit these production website configuration changes to the sysadmins team, as a merge request. Make it clear that applying these changes must be coordinated with the person who is responsible for merging the other MR that you've proposed for the main Tails Git repository.