Create and update ticket

When a developer works on a task, she should create/update a ticket related to the task. All the knowledge useful to the others should be kept there (or at least linked from there). She should take care of updating this ticket's properties so that they reflect the actual status of the task, and especially the next thing to do for it to be solved.

The tickets are stored in Redmine.

When committing changes that will resolve a ticket once merged, please consider including will-fix: #NNNN in the commit message, NNNN being the ticket number. Then, Redmine will automatically flag the corresponding ticket as "In Progress" once the branch is pushed to our main Git repository. For example:

Remove duty from frontdesk (Will-fix: #8420)

This keyword should be used only in topic branches, or when committing directly in the master branch. When merging topic branches into development branches, you should used the fix-committed keyword instead.

Report progress or failure

It is important for the team to know whether somebody is feeling responsible to make a task happen, or that it's a wishlist/patches-welcome/don't-care-that-much (would be great, but We don't feel committed to make it happen any time soon).

Thus, it is great to state if you'd like to do it, but also to state if you won't do it anymore. Don't feel guilty: it's better if we all know it won't happen soon rather than you feel pressured while having other priorities!