This page will contain the profiles of frequent contributors to Tails. See #17046.

Goals of this page include:

  • Giving the Tails project a "human face".

  • Destroying the myth that contributors to Tails are anonymous.

  • Building trust by showing that Tails contributors are real people.

  • Documenting the pronouns of contributors.

Contributor profiles on this page will include:

  • The contributor's name, handle, or pseudonym.

  • A description of the work that the contributor does for Tails.

  • The pronouns used by the contributor.

Right now, contributors' pronouns and other information can be found in our GitLab by viewing the contributor's GitLab profile or by hovering over their username. Contributors are encouraged to add their pronouns to their GitLab profile.

In their profile on this page, contributors can choose to include:

  • Their email address.

  • Their social media accounts.

  • Their PGP key.

  • Their picture or avatar.