Main purpose

Help Desk is handling individual support requests with two primary goals:

  1. Gather qualitative and quantitative user data, that can be used:

    • by the Foundations Team and UX people to prioritize their own work;
    • by our broader community, to improve our understanding of who our current users are, feed our thought process about our vision for Tails in the future, and help us build a relevant roadmap.
  2. Help the bug reporter resolve the problem they are facing.

User support

  • Do user support by email:
  • Act as a proxy between issues reported by users and the rest of the project. Don't spend too much time investigating every such issue, in particular for hardware support problems. Instead, forward this information to the Foundations Team:
    1. Gather information about the context in which the problem occurs, how important it is, what known workarounds exist.
    2. Forward the WhisperBack report over email.
    3. File a ticket assigned to a Foundation Team member, referencing the WhisperBack report ID.
    4. Ideally, provide statistics about how many people are impacted.
    5. The Foundations Team will take a look and decide what to do (e.g. addressing root cause of the problem, or asking Technical Writers to document the problem and workarounds, or dismissing it).
  • Follow-up on communications even when not on shift.
  • Do user support on XMPP if you feel like it.

General communication watchdog