As the manager for a team that works on a deliverable we've promised to a sponsor, you must:

  • Ask any information you lack to the Fundraising Team.

  • Ensure that the workers on your team are aware of what they are responsible for in terms of self-management… and actually do it. Help them as needed in whatever way you see fit, e.g. organize meetings.

  • Check status of work vs. deadlines.

    Try to foresee upcoming problems. If you notice or foresee any problem, ensure the team is aware of the problem, and help them plan how to solve it (e.g. reassign to someone else or adjust the timeline and tell the sponsor about it as soon as possible).

  • Report on status of work vs. deadlines to the Fundraising Team.

    They will relay this information to the sponsor and to the Accounting Team that handles invoicing.