As a worker paid to do work on a deliverable we've promised to a sponsor, you must:

  • Ask any information you lack to your team manager.

  • Track which ticket corresponds to which deliverable.

    Ensure each of your deliverables has a ticket in Redmine with the correct Deliverable for value.

  • Schedule your work in advance to meet deadlines:

    • Plan for surprises such as tasks that are unexpectedly harder than planned.
    • Use the Target version field in Redmine to track your own plans and timing goals. Keep this information up-to-date at all times.
  • Check how good you're doing wrt. their deliverables and deadlines. Talk to your team manager as soon as you can if any problem arises.

  • Report your progress on deliverables when requested.

    Summarize the tickets and achievements of each deliverables since the last report. This information will then be transmitted to the Accounting Team for invoicing. Clarify the matching between tickets and deliverables; for example, you can report:

    • "B.3.7 completed: #nnnn, #mmmm, etc.": all these tickets must have the Resolved or Fix committed status in Redmine.
    • "C.4.2 (#nnnn, #mmmm) in progress but not completed because of $reasons".
  • When reporting, if you want to adjust the way the money for a given task is split within your team, then specify it. For example if you delegated one of your task to someone else and want to give them your money, then specify this. If you want to split your money with someone else, then specify this as well. Remember that we are taking as a reference for payment the time estimate that we agreed upon while preparing the grant and won't pay more.