Force all scenarios to be tested

Branches whose name ends with the +force-all-tests suffix will run the full test suite, including scenarios tagged @fragile@.

Old ISO used in the test suite in Jenkins

Some tests like upgrading Tails are done against a Tails installation made from the previously released ISO.

In some cases (e.g when the Tails Installer interface has changed), we need to temporarily change this behaviour to make tests work. To have Jenkins use the ISO being tested instead of the last released one:

  1. Set USE_LAST_RELEASE_AS_OLD_ISO=no in the macros/test_Tails_ISO.yaml and macros/manual_test_Tails_ISO.yaml files in the jenkins-jobs Git repository (

    Documentation and policy to access this repository is the same as for our Puppet modules.

    See for example commit 371be73.

    Treat the repository at immerda as a read-only mirror: any change pushed there does not affect our infrastructure and will be overwritten.

    Under the hood, once this change is applied Jenkins will pass the ISO being tested (instead of the last released one) to run_test_suite's --old-iso argument.

  2. File a ticket to ensure this temporarily change gets reverted in due time.