The term "local network" refers to the set of computers and devices that can be reached directly from your computer without going through the Internet.

For example, your home router, your network printer, or the intranet of your company are usually on your local network, also called LAN for Local Area Network. In technical terms, this refers to the set of IP addresses defined in RFC1918, like IP addresses that start with 192.168.

Security considerations

有些 Tails 的使用情況,可接取本地區域網路資源會很有用,例如和同網域內的某人交換文件而不必透過互聯網。

But an application that can connect to both resources on the Internet (going through Tor) and resources on the local network (without going through Tor) can deanonymize you.

本頁說明了一些 Tails 內鍵的安全方法來防止在本地網路中的攻擊,以及如何在本地網路下接取某些類型的資源。

連上本地區域網域並不會匿名也沒有 透過 Tor 網路。

Browsing web pages on the local network

It is impossible to access web pages on the local network using Tor Browser. This prevents websites on the Internet from deanonymizing you using the content of other web pages that might be specific to your local network and reveal where you are.

改用Unsafe Browser 來讀取本地網路中的網頁。

Downloading files from web pages on the local network

在本地網路中要從網頁瀏覽器下戴檔案,可使用 curl 指令取代,例如欲下載本地網路中 某份文件http:// 執行以下指令: