GNOME Boxes aims at providing a simple interface to create and use virtual machines for Linux with GNOME. GNOME Boxes does not allow use of a Persistent Storage.

Running Tails inside a virtual machine has various security implications. Depending on the host operating system and your security needs, running Tails in a virtual machine might be dangerous.

以下的指引已於 Debian Jessie 環境進行過測試。


Debian 或 Ubuntu 環境下欲安裝 GNOME Boxes,請執行以下指令:

sudo apt install gnome-boxes

Running Tails from an ISO image

  1. Download Tails as an ISO image, instead of a USB image.

  2. 啟動 GNOME Boxes.

  3. 點擊視窗上方的 New 按鍵。

  4. Source Selection 對話框中,選取Select a file 並挑選欲啟動的 ISO 映像檔。

  5. Review 對話框中,請點擊視窗上方的Create 按鍵。

Shared clipboard

GNOME Boxes的共享剪貼板 預設為啟用,它會讓敏感的資料可在 虛擬器與原機作業系統之間被複製。



  1. Choose Menu ▸ Properties.

  2. 取消共同剪貼板選項。