Si tu interfaz Wi-Fi tampoco está funcionando:

  • No hay opción Wi-Fi en el menú del sistema:

  • La interfaz está deshabilitada cuando Tails se inicia o se conecta un adaptador Wi-Fi USB:

    Notification about network card being disabled

    En este caso, puedes deshabilitar MAC spoofing para hacer que tu interfaz Wi-Fi funcione en Tails. Deshabilitar MAC spoofing tiene implicaciones de seguridad, así que lee cuidadosamente nuestra documentation about MAC spoofing antes de hacerlo.

Para conectarte a Internet, puedes probar a:

  • Usa un cable Ethernet en vez de Wi-Fi si es posible. Los adaptadores por cable funcionan mejor en Tails.

  • Share the Wi-Fi or mobile data connection of your phone using a USB cable. Sharing a connection this way is called USB tethering.

    See instructions for:

    Tails cannot hide the information that identifies your phone on the network. If you connect your phone to:

    • A Wi-Fi network, then the network will know the MAC address of your phone. This has security implications that are discussed in our documentation on MAC address spoofing. Some phones have a feature to hide the real MAC address of the phone.

    • A mobile data network, then the network will be able to know the identifier of your SIM card (IMSI) and also the serial number of your phone (IMEI).

  • Buy a USB Wi-Fi adapter that works in Tails:

    VendorModelSizeSpeedPriceBuy offlineBuy online
    Panda WirelessUltraNano150 Mbit/s$12NoAmazon
    Panda WirelessPAU05Small300 Mbit/s$14NoAmazon

    If you find another USB Wi-Fi adapter that works in Tails, please let us know. You can write to (private email).