Tails include Thunderbird per:

  • Reading and writing emails - Reading RSS and Atom feeds for news and blogs

Per avviare Thunderbird selezionate Applicazioni ▸ …Internet ▸ …Thunderbird.

You can activate the Thunderbird persistence feature to store your emails, feeds, and settings across separate working sessions.

Per una documentazione più dettagliata, fate riferimento al supporto Thunderbird ufficiale.

Configurare un account email

E' impossibile connettersi a provider email che richiedono il OAuth meccanismo di autenticazione come Gmail o Mail.ru

  1. Quando avviamo Thunderbird per la prima volta, appare un assistente per guidarci attraverso il processo per configurare Thunderbird per poter accedere alla vostra email.

    To start this assistant again in the future from the main window of Thunderbird, choose Menu ▸ Preferences ▸ Account Settings and then from the Account Settings dialog choose Account Actions ▸ Add Mail Account….

  2. Inserire nome, indirizzo email e password nei campi corrispondenti.

  3. Cliccare Continua.

  4. The assistant tries to configure automatically the correct parameters to connect to your email provider based on your email address.

    If the automatic configuration fails, consult your email provider about how to configure your email account manually.

  5. If the automatic configuration succeeds, you might have to specify which protocol to use to connect to your email provider, either IMAP or POP.

    • With IMAP, Thunderbird constantly synchronizes with the server and displays the emails and folders that are currently stored on the server. IMAP is better suited if you access your emails from different operating systems.

    • With POP, Thunderbird downloads the emails that are in the inbox on the server and possibly deletes them from the server. POP is better suited if you access your emails from Tails only and store them in the persistent storage.

    To know more, see also this comparison between POP and IMAP by Riseup.

Cifratura OpenPGP con Enigmail

Thunderbird all'interno di Tails include l'estensione Enigmail per criptare ed autenticare le emails utilizzando OpenPGP.

To configure Enigmail for your email account, you can start the Enigmail Setup Wizard by choosing Menu ▸ Enigmail ▸ Setup Wizard.

Potete anche creare una chiave OpenPGP associata con il vostro indirizzo email come parte dell'Installazione Guidata Enigmail.

If you are new to OpenPGP, you can read the following guides on getting started with encrypting emails using Thunderbird and Enigmail:

Rafforzare la privacy con TorBirdy

Thunderbird all'interno di Tails include l'estensione TorBirdy per garantire maggiore privacy ed anonimato.

Per una maggiore sicurezza, TorBirdy disabilita alcune funzioni di Thunderbird:

  • Sending emails and displaying feeds in HTML format.
    Emails and feeds in HTML format are displayed in plain text and can become harder to read.
  • Automatic checking of Atom and RSS feeds on startup.

Per saperne di più sulle proprietà di sicurezza di TorBirdy , potete leggere il suo documento di progettazione.