Tails 用 Tor 是因为它是最好的可用的匿名网络。

Anonymity enforcement

我们想为我们的用户默认就执行最好的安全性。这就是为什么我们要有个基本的预设,Tails 强制让所有的外出流量都走匿名网络,比如 Tor。

几年来 Tor 已成为一个有大容量和快速的大型网络了。

虚拟私有网络(VPNs) 可以比 Tor 快,但不是匿名网络,因为 VPN 的管理者可以对你从哪里连过来以及你要连到哪里去 都了如指掌,这就破坏了你的隐匿性。Tor 能提供隐匿性是指从网络中任一单点都无法知道一个连接的源头和目的地。

When using a VPN, an attacker can also break your anonymity by monitoring the incoming and outgoing connections of the few servers of the VPN. On the other hand, the Tor network is formed by over 7500 relays run worldwide by volunteers.

User base

Tor is the anonymity network with the largest user base. More than 4 000 000 users connected to Tor daily in 2023. Being adopted by such a large audience proves its maturity, stability, and usability.

对于记者, 执法部门,政府,人权活动人士,商业领袖, 军队,暴力受害者和关注在线隐私的普通市民,Tor都是同等的使用。这种多样性实际上对每个人都提供了很强的匿名性,因为这样就更难识别或针对某类特定的 Tor 用户。匿名性喜欢大家一起陪伴。

Technical merits and recognition

Tor 跟领先的研究机构合作, 成为密集的学术研究的研究课题。 它是匿名网络中得到审计和同行评议最多的匿名网络了。

Tor 获得了来自 电子前哨基金会, 和 自由软件基金会 等机构的颁奖。

An extract of a Top Secret appraisal by the NSA characterized Tor as "the King of high secure, low latency Internet anonymity" with "no contenders for the throne in waiting".

Relationship between Tor and Tails

  • The Tor software is made by The Tor Project.

  • The Tor network is run by a worldwide community of volunteers.

  • Tails is a separate project made by a different group of people.

Tails 是把 Tor 作为默认网络应用的完整的操作系统。 Tor 项目推荐他们自己没覆盖到的 Tails 用例 (比如 Tor 浏览器 )。

但很多人用 Tor 时并没用 Tails ,也有很多人用 Tails 时会做用 Tor连接互联网以外的事情,比如离线处理敏感文档。

About I2P

I2P is another anonymity network and alternative to Tor. Tails used to include I2P until 2017. We removed I2P in Tails 2.12 because it was too costly to maintain.

We have no plans to add I2P back in Tails because I2P hasn't yet become popular and usable enough to matter to our target audience.