Many publicly accessible Internet connections (usually available through a wireless network connection) require its users to register and login in order to get access to the Internet. This include both free and paid for services that may be found at Internet cafés, libraries, airports, hotels, universities etc. Normally in these situations, a so called captive portal intercepts any website request made and redirects the web browser to a login page. None of that works when Tor is used, so a browser with unrestricted network access is necessary.

Tails includes an Unsafe Browser for this purpose, and it can be started via the menu Applications ▸ Internet ▸ Unsafe Web Browser.

The Unsafe Browser has a red theme to differentiate it from Tor Browser.

The Unsafe Browser is not anonymous. Use it only to log in to captive portals or to browse web pages on the local network.

If you download files using the Unsafe Browser it is not possible to access them outside of the Unsafe Browser itself.

Security recommendations:

  • Do not run this browser at the same time as the anonymous Tor Browser. This makes it easy to not mistake one browser for the other, which could have catastrophic consequences.