If you start Tails from a USB stick, you can create a persistent volume in the free space left on the USB stick by Tails Installer. The files in the persistent volume are saved encrypted and remain available across separate working sessions.

It is only possible to create a persistent volume if the USB stick was installed using Tails Installer.

This requires a USB stick of at least 8 GB.

You can use this persistent volume to store any of the following:

  • Personal files
  • Some settings
  • Additional software
  • Encryption keys

The persistent volume is an encrypted partition protected by a passphrase.

Once the persistent volume is created, you can choose to activate it or not each time you start Tails.

The use of a persistent volume in a system which is designed to provide anonymity and leave no trace is a complicated issue.
Read carefully the warning section.

How to use the persistent volume