1. Start Tails and set up an administration password .

    Do not enable the persistent volume in Tails Greeter.

  2. Open Disks from the menu Applications ▸ Utilities ▸ Disks.

    Disks lists all the current storage devices in the left pane of the window. When you select one of these devices, detailed information about it is displayed in the right pane: its partitions, its brand, its size, etc.

  3. Encontre qual dispositivo contém o volume persistente. Ele deve ter duas partições, uma chamada Tails e outra chamada TailsData que corresponde ao volume persistente.

  4. In the right pane, click on the persistent volume partition, labeled TailsData.

  5. Click on Disks
 context menu and choose Change Passphrase….

  6. Digite sua senha atual e em seguida digite a nova senha.

  7. Finally confirm by clicking Change.

  8. In the confirmation dialog, enter your administration password and click Authenticate.

  9. Agora você pode reiniciar o Tails e tentar habilitar o volume persistente com a nova senha.