Tails 內含幾款音檔和影片應用程式:

These applications can be started from the Applications ▸ Sound & Video menu.

You can also install using the Additional Software feature:

  • VLC, a multimedia player with advanced features.

    Watching IPTV channels from VLC in Tails doesn't work.

  • Pitivi, a video editor.

  • Cheese, an application to take pictures and videos from your webcam.

Most files contain metadata, which is information used to describe, identify, categorize, and sort files. For example:

  • 相機記錄了何時與何地照片拍攝的資料以及 相機的款示
  • 辦公室文件會自動加入作者 與公司名稱到文字類檔案或試算表檔案上。

Use Metadata Cleaner to clean metadata from your files before sharing them.