Tails 是免费的,我们相信人人都可以安全地使用电脑而不必付费。

Tails is used more than 20 000 times every day:

  • Journalists and whistleblowers use Tails to denounce the wrongdoings of governments and corporations.
  • Human-rights defenders use Tails to avoid censorship and report human-rights violations.
  • Domestic violence survivors use Tails to escape surveillance in their homes.
  • Privacy-concerned citizens use Tails to avoid online tracking.

If everyone using Tails donated $6, our fundraiser would be done in one day. The price of a USB stick is all we need.

But, not everyone using Tails can donate. When you donate, you are offering to many others who need it, the very precious tool that is Tails.

We know that secure tools need to be free software to be trustworthy. That's why we are giving out Tails for free but ask for your help to protect and sustain it.

Donations from individuals like you are our most valuable source of funding as they make Tails more independent from government and corporate funding. We are a very small non-profit and our yearly budget is ridiculously small compared to the value of Tails.

Please consider making a donation to protect and sustain Tails.


每月或每年定期捐款需要有 PayPal 帐号。


Your donation goes entirely to Tails and will be handled by RiseupLabs which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the USA.
Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law.


(需要 PayPal 帐号)






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Account holder: Center for Cultivation of Technology gGmbH
Please make sure to mention the purpose of transfer.

German bank account (preferred):

IBAN: DE65 4306 0967 4111 9411 01
Purpose of transfer: TAILS-R43NGFR9
银行: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
Bank address: Christstrasse 9, 44789, Bochum, Germany

US bank account:

Account number: 8310006087
ACH Routing number: 026073150
Wire routing number: 026073008
Purpose of transfer: TAILS-R43NGFR9
Bank: Transferwise
Bank address: 19 W 24th Street, New York 10010, USA

Your donation goes entirely to Tails and will be handled by the Center for the Cultivation of Technology (CCT) which is a non-profit organization in Germany.
Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

US check

Riseup Labs
PO Box 4282
Seattle, WA 98194

Our partners

Tails also receives grants, awards, corporate donations, and substantial donations from individuals.

Meet our partners or become a partner!


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