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or download using BitTorrent BitTorrent

Save your download to your usual Downloads folder and not to the USB stick.

We recommend that you save your download to your Persistent Storage. Otherwise, Tails might stop responding if the RAM memory of the computer gets full.

While you are downloading, we recommend you read the release notes for Tails 6.4 .  They document all the changes in this new version: new features, problems that were solved, and known issues that have already been identified.


Verify your download

Verify your download to make sure that it is safe and was not corrupted during download.

Your BitTorrent client will automatically verify your download when it completes.

The verification below is optional for a BitTorrent download.

You seem to have JavaScript disabled. To verify your download, you can either:

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or verify using the OpenPGP signature

OpenPGP signature OpenPGP signature

If you don't know how to use the OpenPGP signature, click instead on the button Select your download… to verify your download with JavaScript.

OpenPGP signing key

Security analysis of the different verification techniques

Verifying $FILENAME

Verification successful! ($FILENAME)

Verification failed! ($FILENAME)

Most likely, the verification failed because of an error or interruption during the download.

The verification also fails if you try to verify a different download than the latest version, Tails 6.4 .

Less likely, the verification might have failed because of a malicious download from our download mirrors or due to a network attack in your country or local network.

Downloading again is usually enough to fix this problem. Otherwise, please try downloading from a different place or a different computer.

How does the verification work?

Please try to download again…

Please try to download again…

Error selecting image.

Make sure that you select a USB image that is readable by your browser.

Make sure that you select an ISO image that is readable by your browser.


Error downloading checksum file from our website.

Make sure that your browser is connected to the Internet.


Error reading image $FILENAME.

Make sure that $FILENAME is readable by your browser.


Continue installing or upgrading Tails

With this ISO image, you can either:

To install or upgrade Tails on a USB stick, download our USB image instead.

Warnings: Tails is safe but not magic!

Tails is safer than any regular operating system. But Tails, or any software or operating system, cannot protect you from everything—even if they pretend to.

The recommendations below will keep you even safer, especially if you are at high risk.

Protecting your identity when using Tails

Tails is designed to hide your identity.

But some of your activities could reveal your identity:

  • Sharing files with metadata, such as date, time, location, and device information
  • Using Tails for more than one purpose at a time

Limitations of the Tor network

Tails uses the Tor network because it is the strongest and most popular network to protect from surveillance and censorship.

But Tor has limitations if you are concerned about:

  • Hiding that you are using Tor and Tails
  • Protecting your online communications from determined, skilled attackers

Reducing risks when using untrusted computers

Tails can safely run on a computer that has a virus.

But Tails cannot always protect you when:

  • Installing from an infected computer
  • Running Tails on a computer with a compromised BIOS, firmware, or hardware

Because you always have to adapt your digital security practices to your specific needs and threats, we encourage you to learn more by reading the following guides: