As part of our ongoing donation campaign, we already explained you why we needed donations and how we use these donations. Today we are sharing with you our plans for the next years:

  • Easier adoption

    • Revamp Tails Greeter: make it easier to configure Tails when starting (#5464)
    • Rethink the installation and upgrade process: take a step back and reflect on the future of Tails Installer, the installation on Windows and Mac, and automatic upgrades (#11679)
    • Graphical installation method for macOS: what would it take to document tools other than Tails Installer to do a graphical installation from macOS? (#11682)
    • Explain better what Tails is and what makes it so awesome (#9814)
  • Security hardening

    • Reproducible build of the ISO image: protect users and developers from a malicious build of our ISO image (#5630)
    • Persistent Tor state: have persistent entry guards (#5462)
    • HTTPS mirrors: serve our downloads over HTTPS only (#9796)
    • Persistent seed for random number generator: have better entropy and stronger crypto (#7675)
    • Browser fingerprint: compare and reevaluate the web fingerprint of Tor Browser inside and outside Tails (#5362)
  • Community

    • Web platform for translators: make it easier to translate our website (#10034)
    • Social contract: guiding principles that reflects the commitment to our ideals (#11669)
    • Personas: study and describe our user base to take better design decisions (#11162)
    • Improvements to WhisperBack: make it easier and faster to answer support requests (#9799, #9800)
  • Sustainability

    • Tails based on Debian Stretch (Tails 3.0)
    • Better server infrastructure: to handle our growing needs on continuous integration and have a backup server (#11680, #6185)
    • Test Tails on ARM: starting with a few Chromebooks supported by Debian (#11677)
    • Tails on tablets: specify what upstream projects (GNOME, Debian, etc.) should work on to help porting Tails to tablets and smartphones (#10039)
  • Fundraising

    • Have more reliable and steady sources of income
    • Depend less on grants from governments
  • New applications and features

    • Graphical interface for the Additional Packages persistent feature: allow users to customize which applications are available in their Tails (#5996 #9059)
    • Backups: provide a graphical tool to backup the persistent volume (#5301)
    • Screen locker: allow users to lock their session with a password (#5684)
    • Tails Server: run onion services from Tails (VoIP chat rooms, collaboration tools, web servers, messaging servers, etc.) (#5688)
    • Tails Verifier: allow verifying whether a Tails installation has been corrupted (#7496)
    • TrueCrypt support in GNOME: graphical utilities to mount TrueCrypt volumes (#11684, #6337)

These are all items that we find important and want to prioritize. But making them a reality will require lots of work, time, and money; on top of all the day-to-day work that we do to simply keep Tails alive.

If you want us to get there faster, please take one minute to make a donation.

If your organization is interested in funding one of these tasks in particular, please contact us at (OpenPGP key).