Tails 0.17 was released on February 25th.


  • 99 275 connections of Tails to the Tor network. This makes a boot every 24 seconds on average (this number is an approximation from the requests made to the security announcements feed. The later is retrieved by Tails after being connected to Tor to eventually encourage users to update.)

  • 63 reports were received through WhisperBack.

  • 924 comments were posted on the forum, with 161 signed by Tails.


  • Some progress has been done on a persistence feature to packages installed with APT.

  • A workaround has been proposed to temper a bug on APM handling of some hard disks that could damage them. See Debian bug #684241.

  • Two features that are known to be flawed in Pidin, MXit and Sametime, have been disabled. See CVE-2013-0273, CVE-2013-0272 and CVE-2013-0271.

  • Shutdown and reboot launchers have been added to the menu to fix the lack of a shutdown helper applet in camouflage mode.

  • Some progress was made on Tails based on Wheezy.

  • The firmware loader for Qualcomm Gobi USB chipsets was added to Tails 0.17.

  • Some work has been done on getting the Tails web browser (now based on Iceweasel 17 ESR + Torbrowser patches) ready for Tails 0.17.

  • I2P was updated to 0.9.4.

  • We have tested Yama and AppArmor LSB stacking on Linux 3.7.8, and now plan to have Yama enabled by default in the Debian kernel.

Documentation and Website

  • The documentation on administration password was improved to be clearer about opening a root terminal.

  • A branch was started to clean up the content of the forum.

  • The /bugs and /todo sections of the website will no longer be shipped in the ISO images.

  • A link to was added to the new default browser homepage, to reassure users landing on it.

  • The documentation on MAC Changer has been corrected to mention the fact that MAC addresses are sometimes sent over the Internet.

  • Some more browser fingerprinting issues.

  • Our income statement for 2012 was published.

  • The browser homepage was lightened a bit.

  • The design documentation for set wireless devices state was written.

On-going discussions

  • We have been debating on a keyboard shortcut overlap between ALT+SHIFT+TAB that should change the window backward and ALT+SHIFT which is the usual shortcut for switching between keyboard layouts. That's particularly important for people switching between Latin and non-Latin keyboards.

  • There is now a dedicated mailing list of the Metadata Anonymization Toolkit (MAT).

  • Runa's report on "Training Journalists in Istanbul" resulted in a few discussion threads regarding, among others:

    • Autostarting Iceweasel
    • The browser homepage
    • Having an applet that informs about the version number of Tails and hiding the download button on the News page
    • Disabling all Pidgin accounts by default


Quite some work was done on a new dedicated server of ours, called lizard:

  • Various stuff that's customary for a virtualization host, like a local APT proxy and a Puppet master, was setup.
  • Our APT repository was migrated to lizard. Our primary (private) rsync server, too.
  • We now run a BitTorrent seed on lizard.
  • We now run another WhisperBack relay on lizard.
  • We now run bitcoind on lizard.
  • Our Puppet modules are now hosted on lizard. Some are already publicly available, but there's a bit of boring work left to publish the others. We're happy to share with nice people the development and maintenance of most of the modules we use.
  • A VM was setup to run Jenkins, that should some day be an important part of automated builds and tests.


We have been working on starting our bounties program.