July started frenetically, with the postponed release on the 3rd. Then we had a Tails contributors meeting, and it was lots of fun and hard work. We decided broad directions for the incoming years, that you'll see in our draft roadmap for 2016-2017. We also reevaluated our processes and tools, and had a dance party. Tails contributors are ready to go on doing amazing work :)



Upgrades and changes

  • Upgrade Tor Browser to 4.5.3, based on Firefox 31.8.0 ESR.

  • Upgrade Tor to

  • Upgrade Linux to 3.16.7-ckt11-1.

Fixed problems

  • Have AppArmor deny Tor Browser access to the list of recently used files.

  • Fix automatic upgrades in Windows Camouflage mode.

Documentation and website

User experience

  • We rediscussed the terminology around installation media and decided to only advertise SD cards as a corner case.

  • Clarified the thread model of the automatic ISO verification extension regarding attacks inside the browser.

  • There was some work on the Greeter.


  • Our test suite covers 185 scenarios, 3 more that in April.

  • All active development branches are now built automatically with Jenkins. This is the first stage towards integrating our automated test suite at the core of our software development process, and to run it continuously on our development versions while they are being developed.

  • We started a discussion about having a CRM to handle our user support requests.

  • We made progess on the automated tests specification, and started working on the corresponding underlying infrastructure, starting with extending the storage capacity on our main server and creating a bunch of new virtual machines.

  • We are almost done porting our ISO build system to Debian Jessie.


Upcoming events

  • Andres Gomez, intrigeri and others will present a technical overview of Tails at DebConf15 in Heidelberg, Germany, on August 15th.

  • Some Tails contributors will be at the Chaos Communication Camp in Mildenberg, Germany, August 13–17th.

On-going discussions

  • intrigeri issued a call for help.

  • KillYourTV shared his Opensearch plugins for Mozilla-based browsers - they might be interesting for Tails contributors and curious :)

  • Reuben Abrams informed us of his project of a safe distribution for ARM-based Chromebooks.

Press and testimonials


All website PO files

  • de: 19% (1274) strings translated, 0% strings fuzzy, 17% words translated
  • fr: 46% (3120) strings translated, 2% strings fuzzy, 43% words translated
  • pt: 27% (1863) strings translated, 3% strings fuzzy, 26% words translated

Total original words: 76959

Core PO files

  • de: 60% (803) strings translated, 0% strings fuzzy, 68% words translated
  • fr: 92% (1214) strings translated, 3% strings fuzzy, 92% words translated
  • pt: 84% (1119) strings translated, 8% strings fuzzy, 87% words translated

Total original words: 14258


  • Tails has been started more than 429.889 times this month. This makes 13.867 boots a day on average.

  • 24.256 downloads of the OpenPGP signature of Tails ISO from our website.

  • 89 bug reports were received through WhisperBack.

-- Report by BitingBird for Tails folks