• In early October, we got together in Rome for a hybrid sprint! We reflected on the year so far, our financial health, and plans to make Tails' mission more sustainable.

  • Our annual fundraiser is live! For this year's fundraiser, we are reflecting on a year in which progressive, liberatory movements battled intense online surveillance from powerful public and private actors alike.

As we enter 2024, make the gift of privacy. We welcome each contribution, no matter the size. And there are many ways to contribute). Spread word!

And while we have you here, consider nominating Tails for support through Proton's fundraiser. Nominations close on 13 November 2023!

  • We also have a new sponsor. Please welcome James Seibel to the community!


Tails 5.18 was released on October 03, 2023, and Tails 5.19 was released on October 31, 2023.

  • You have upgrades to Tor Browser, Thunderbird, and the Linux kernel.

  • You can now close a given Tor circuit from the Onion Circuits interface.

  • Using SecureDrop on airgapped machines running Tails is even more secure now. Tails 5.19 improves the cryptographic parameters of PGP keys stored in these airgapped machines. SecureDrop is widely used by investigative journalists and whistleblowers.


Tails was started more than 830,216 times this month. That's a daily average of over 26,780 boots.