Tails, The Amnesic Incognito Live System, version 0.16, is out.

All users must upgrade as soon as possible.


Notable user-visible changes include:

  • Minor improvements

    • Replace the too-easy-to-misclick shutdown button with a better "Shutdown Helper" applet.
    • Display ~/Persistent in GNOME Places and Gtk file chooser.
    • Install dictionaries for a few languages.
    • Set Unsafe Browser's window title to "Unsafe Browser".
    • Install ekeyd to support the EntropyKey.
    • Install font for Sinhala script.
    • Update Poedit to 1.5.4.
    • Expose Vidalia's "broken onion" icon less.
    • Hide the persistence setup launchers in kiosk mode.
  • Bugfixes

    • Disable IPv6 on all network interfaces. This is a workaround for the IPv6 link-local multicast leak that was recently discovered.
    • Tails may previously have been able to list GPT partitions labeled "TailsData" on hard drives (!) as valid persistence volumes... this is now fixed.
    • Fix SCIM in the autostarted web browser.
    • Talk of DVD, not of CD, in the shutdown messages.
    • Make tordate work in bridge mode with an incorrect clock.
  • Iceweasel

    • Update iceweasel to 10.0.12esr-1+tails1.
    • Set the homepage to the news section on the Tails website.
    • Hide the iceweasel add-on bar by default.
    • Don't hide the AdBlock-Plus button in the add-on bar anymore.
    • Don't install xul-ext-monkeysphere anymore.
  • Localization

    • tails-greeter: add German translation, update Portuguese (Brasil) and Russian ones.
    • tails-persistence-setup: update French, German and Italian translations.

Plus the usual bunch of bug reports and minor improvements.

See the online Changelog for technical details.

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