The Amnesic Incognito Live System, version 0.7.1, is out.

This is a bugfix-only release mainly aimed at fixing serious security issues in bundled software. All users must upgrade as soon as possible.


Notable user-visible changes include:

  • Vidalia: new 0.2.12-2+tails1 custom package.

  • Iceweasel

    • Don't show Foxyproxy's status / icon in FF statusbar to prevent users from accidentaly / unconsciously put their anonymity at risk.
  • Software

    • Upgrade Linux kernel to Debian's 2.6.32-33: fixes tons of bugs, including the infamous missing mouse cursor one. Oh, and it closes a few security holes at well.
    • Install unrar-free.
    • Do not install pppoeconf (superseeded by NetworkManager).
    • Upgrade macchanger to Debian testing package to ease development of future Tails releases.
    • Debian security upgrades: x11-xserver-utils (DSA-2213-1), isc-dhcp (DSA-2216-1), libmodplug (DSA-2226-1).
  • Protecting against memory recovery

    • Add Italian translation for tails-kexec. Thanks to Marco A. Calamari.
    • Make it clear what it may mean if the system does not power off automatically.
    • Use kexec's --reset-vga option that might fix display corruption issues on some hardware.
  • WhisperBack (encrypted bug reporting software) was upgraded to 1.4.1:

    • localizes the documentation wiki's URL
    • uses WebKit to display the bug reporting help page
    • now is usable on really small screens.
  • Miscellaneous

    • Install mobile-broadband-provider-info for better 3G support.
    • Add back GNOME system icons to menus.
    • tails-security-check: avoid generating double-slashes in the Atom feeds URL.
    • Remove "vga=788" boot parameter which breaks the boot on some hardware.
    • Remove now useless "splash" boot parameter.
    • Fix a bunch of i386-isms.
    • Pass the noswap option to the kernel. This does not change actual Tails behaviour but prevents users from unnecessarily worrying because of the "Activating swap" boot message.

Plus the usual bunch of minor bug reports and improvements.

See the online Changelog for technical details.

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Can I use it on a pre-Intel Mac computer?

Tails images with i386 in their name work on the Intel x86 architecture only. However, we've been working towards releasing a Tails image suitable for the pre-Intel Macs hardware (PowerPC architecture). Stay tuned, it will be prepared and made available soonish.

A glimpse towards the future

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