Tails, The Amnesic Incognito Live System, version 1.2.3, is out.

This release fixes numerous security issues and all users must upgrade as soon as possible.

On January 3rd, the SSL certificate of our website hosting provider, boum.org, expired. This means that if you still are running Tails 1.2.1 or older, you will not get any update notification. Please help spreading the word!


  • Security fixes

    • Upgrade to Linux 3.16.7-ckt2-1.
    • Upgrade to Tor Browser 4.0.3 (based on Firefox 31.4.0esr) (#8700).
    • Improve MAC spoofing fail-safe mechanisms, which includes preventing one more way the MAC address could be leaked. (#8571).
    • Disable upgrade checking in the Unsafe Browser. Until now the Unsafe Browser has checked for upgrades of the Tor Browser in the clear (#8694).
  • Bugfixes

    • Fix startup of the Unsafe Browser in some locales (#8693).
    • Repair the desktop screenshot feature (#8087).
    • Do not suspend to RAM when closing the lid on battery power (#8071).
    • Properly update the Tails Installer's status when plugging in a USB drive after it has started (#8353).

See the online Changelog for technical details.

Known issues

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As no software is ever perfect, we maintain a list of problems that affects the last release of Tails.

What's coming up?

The next Tails release is scheduled for February 24.

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