This release fixes numerous security issues. All users must upgrade as soon as possible.


New features

  • Icedove a rebranded version of Mozilla Thunderbird is now the official email client in Tails, replacing Claws Mail.

    Claws Mail will be removed from Tails in version 2.0 (2016-01-26). If you have been using Claws Mail and activated its persistence feature, follow our instructions to migrate your data to Icedove.

Upgrades and changes

  • Electrum from 1.9.8 to 2.5.4. Now Electrum should work again in Tails.

  • Tor Browser to 5.0.5.

  • Tor to

  • I2P to 0.9.23.

  • Icedove from 31.8 to 38.4.

  • Enigmail from 1.7.2 to 1.8.2.

Known issues

  • Automatic upgrades are much slower to apply than before. Expect the upgrade to take around an hour after the download is finished. See #10757 for details.

  • The Tor bridge mode fails if the system clock is incorrect. To prevent this problem, correct the system clock before connecting to the network. To do so:

    1. Set up an administration password when starting Tails.

    2. Right-click on the system clock in the top navigation bar and choose Adjust Date & Time.

    3. Click the Unlock button and enter the administration password from step 1.

    4. Adjust the time to be the correct time in UTC (use the same difference with your local time as observed usually in Tails).

See the current list of known issues.

Download or upgrade

Go to the install or upgrade page.

If your Tails does not boot after an automatic upgrade, please upgrade your Tails manually.

What's coming up?

The next Tails release is scheduled for January 26.

We need your help and there are many ways to contribute to Tails (donating is only one of them). Come talk to us!