This release fixes many security issues and users should upgrade as soon as possible.


Novos recursos

Atualizações e mudanças

  • Update Tor Browser to 6.0.3, based on Firefox 45.3.

  • Upgrade Icedove to 45.1. (#11530)

Problemas resolvidos

  • The automatic account configuration of Icedove used to freeze when connecting to some email providers. (#11486)

  • In some cases sending an email with Icedove used to result in the error: "The message could not be sent using Outgoing server (SMTP) for an unknown reason." (#10933)

  • A spurious error message used to sometimes appear when creating an account in Icedove and providing its password. (#11550)

  • Fix some time synchronization problems, by replacing obsolete and unreliable servers, and decreasing a timeout. (#11577)

  • KVM virtual machines with QXL video: vastly improve graphics performance and fix visual artifacts in Tor Browser. (#11500, #11489)

For more details, read our changelog.

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