Tails 3.9 is the biggest update of Tails this year!

It includes two new features on which we have been working for more than a year:

  • Additional Software
  • VeraCrypt integration

This release also fixes many security issues and users should upgrade as soon as possible.


Nuove funzionalità

Software aggiuntivo

You can now install additional software automatically when starting Tails.

When installing an additional Debian package from Tails, you can decide to install it automatically every time:

Add vlc to your additional software? 'Install Only Once' or 'Install Every Time'

To check your list of additional software packages, choose Applications ▸ System Tool ▸ Additional Software.

La sicurezza dei pacchetti inclusi in Tails è accuratamente verificata. Installare pacchetti aggiuntivi potrebbe compromettere la sicurezza del tuo Tails, quindi fai attenzione a ciò che installi.

Read our documentation on installing additional software.

VeraCrypt integration

To unlock VeraCrypt volume in Tails, choose Applications ▸ System Tool ▸ Unlock VeraCrypt Volumes.

The integration of VeraCrypt in the Files and Disks utilities was done upstream in GNOME and will be available outside of Tails in Debian 10 (Buster) and Ubuntu 18.10 (Cosmic Cuttlefish).

Read our documentation on using VeraCrypt volumes.

News reading in Thunderbird

Thunderbird is now the official RSS and Atom news feed reader in Tails.

Liferea will be removed from Tails in version 3.12, early 2019.

Aggiornamenti e cambiamenti

  • Improve the configuration of the persistent storage to make it easier to scroll and consistent with the GNOME guidelines.

Programmi inclusi

  • Update Tor Browser to 8.0, based on Firefox 60 ESR.

  • Update Thunderbird from 52 to 60.

  • Update Tor to

  • Update Electrum to from 3.0.6 to 3.1.3.

Hardware support

The following updates make Tails work better on recent hardware (graphics, Wi-Fi, etc.):

  • Update Linux to 4.17 which also fixes the Foreshadow attack.

  • Update the DRM and Mesa libraries to improve support for some graphics cards.

  • Update the Intel and AMD microcodes and most firmware packages.

Problemi risolti

  • Stop displaying the Enigmail setup wizard every time Tails is restarted. (#15693 and #15746)

  • Show a spinner while starting Tor Browser, Tails documentation, and WhisperBack. (#15101)

  • Use Tor Browser again for browsing the documentation offline. (#15720)

  • Show Synaptic and Root Terminal even when no administration password is set. (#11013)

  • Tails Installer

    • Link to upgrade documentation when upgrading. (#7904)
    • Hide the Reinstall option when the USB stick is too small. (#14810)
    • Correct the size of the USB stick in the confirmation dialog when reinstalling. (#15590)

Per ulteriori dettagli, leggi il nostro changelog.

Problemi noti

  • Starting Tails 3.9 from DVD is twice slower than earlier releases. (#15915)

Vedere la lista dei problemi noti da tempo.

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Tails 3.10 is scheduled for October 23.

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