New features

Closing a Tor circuit from Onion Circuits

You can now close a given Tor circuit from the Onion Circuits interface. This can help replace a particularly slow Tor circuit or troubleshoot issues on the Tor network.

To close a Tor circuit:

  1. Connect to the Tor network.

  2. Choose Tor status menu ▸ Open Onion Circuits in the top navigation bar.

  3. Right-click (on Mac, click with two fingers) on the circuit that you want to close.

  4. Choose Close this circuit in the shortcut menu.

    When you close a circuit that is being used by an application, your application gets disconnected from this destination service.

    For example, when you close a circuit while Tor Browser is downloading a file, the download fails.

  5. If you connect to the same destination server again, Tor uses a different circuit to replace the circuit that you closed.

    For example, if you download the same file again, Tor uses a new circuit.

Addition of sq-keyring-linter

At the request of people who use SecureDrop to provide secure whistleblowing platforms across the world, we added the sq-keyring-linter package. sq-keyring-linter improves the cryptographic parameters of PGP keys stored in their airgapped machines.

Changes and updates

  • Update Tor Browser to 13.0.1.

  • Update the Tor client to

  • Update Thunderbird to 115.4.1.

  • Update the Linux kernel to 6.1.55.

Fixed problems

For more details, read our changelog.

Known issues

None specific to this release.

See the list of long-standing issues.

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To upgrade your Tails USB stick and keep your Persistent Storage

  • Automatic upgrades are available from Tails 5.0 or later to 5.19.

    You can reduce the size of the download of future automatic upgrades by doing a manual upgrade to the latest version.

  • If you cannot do an automatic upgrade or if Tails fails to start after an automatic upgrade, please try to do a manual upgrade.

To install Tails on a new USB stick

Follow our installation instructions:

The Persistent Storage on the USB stick will be lost if you install instead of upgrading.

To download only

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