If your Tails is broken and you are trying to rescue your Persistent Storage, see our instructions on rescuing the Persistent Storage of a broken Tails.

Creating a new backup Tails USB stick

Ti consigliamo di creare un altro Tails per archiviare il backup. In questo modo, se il tuo Tails viene perso o danneggiato, puoi sostituirlo immediatamente con il tuo Tails col backup.

  1. When starting Tails, unlock your Persistent Storage.

  2. Plug in the new USB stick on which you want to create your backup Tails USB stick.

  3. Choose Applications ▸ Tails Cloner.

  4. Turn on the option Clone the current Persistent Storage below the option Clone the current Tails.

  5. Make sure that the new USB stick is selected in the Target USB stick menu.

  6. To start the cloning, click on the Install button.

  7. Enter a passphrase for the Persistent Storage on the new USB stick in the Passphrase text box.

  8. Enter the same passphrase again in the Confirm text box.

  9. Click Continue.

  10. Leggi il messaggio di avviso nella finestra di conferma.

  11. Clicca su Elimina tutti i dati e installa per confermare.

    Cloning takes a few minutes.

    The progress bar usually freezes for some time while synchronizing data on disk.

Updating your backup

  1. Inizia dal tuo attuale Tails e sblocca l'Archivio Persistente.

  2. Inserisci la tua chiavetta USB Tails di backup.

  3. Scegli Applicazioni ▸ Strumenti di Sistema ▸ Back Up Persistent Storage.

    Ogni volta che aggiorni il backup, vengono copiati solo i file modificati..

  4. If your backup Tails has an outdated version of Tails, we recommend you upgrade it by cloning your current Tails using Tails Cloner. For detailed instructions, see how to manually upgrade from another Tails.

Aggiornare il backup su Tails da un terminale

If you prefer updating your backup Tails from a terminal:

  1. When starting Tails, unlock your Persistent Storage and set up an administration password.

  2. Choose Applications ▸ Accessories ▸ Files to open the Files browser.

  3. Inserisci la tua chiavetta USB Tails di backup.

    A new encrypted volume appears in the sidebar of the Files browser. Click on it and enter the passphrase of your backup Tails to unlock the volume.

  4. Execute the following command in a Root Terminal:

    rsync -PaSHAXv --del /live/persistence/TailsData_unlocked/ /media/amnesia/TailsData

    When the command finishes, it displays a summary of the data that was copied. For example:

    sent 32.32M bytes  received 1.69K bytes  21.55M bytes/sec
    total size is 32.30M  speedup is 1.00