Free, libre, and open source software projects quietly save the world every day, even when you can't see it, and their success depends on your support.

— Edward Snowden (@Snowden) March 19, 2018

Through our end-of-year donation campaign we managed to raise ~103 000€, which is nearly half of our yearly budget for core work and maintenance. A big thanks to everybody who donated!

To fill the gap, we are extremely happy to be part of DuckDuckGo's privacy crowdrising challenge.

If you haven't donated to Tails recently, now is a great opportunity to support us as your donation is likely to be matched by DuckDuckGo. It will also help us get one of the grand prizes awarded by DuckDuckGo, up to $50 000.

Donate to Tails via the DuckDuckGo donation challenge

If you have donated to Tails recently, please help us spread the word within your contacts and on social media by sharing or tweeting our campaign page.

♥ Thank you! ♥

What is Tails?

Tails is an entire operating system which preserves your privacy and provides anonymity out-of-the-box. With Tails, you can use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship. You'll be in control about the traces you want to leave and those that you'd rather see forgotten. Installed onto a USB key, Tails discreetly fits into your pocket.

For the past 9 years, we've been working on making digital security accessible to those who need it most. Counting more than 20 000 boots per day, we've proved that Tails is a reliable and successful tool that helps diverse people around the world to be safe online every day. But we think that the immense work we've done until now should have an even bigger impact on the world!

Even if you're not a Tails user yourself, your donation will help human rights defenders, journalists, activists, victims of domestic violence and many others who rely on Tails every day.

Another detail that makes our work awesome is that we contribute our improvements back to the free software community. When donating to Tails, you're supporting an entire ecosystem which we are part of.