Changes and updates

  • Update Tor Browser to 12.5.2.

  • Update Thunderbird to 102.14.0.

  • Display the passphrase recommendation for the Persistent Storage in small caps only.

    Capitalizing each word is more cumbersom and not more secure.

Fixed problems

  • Fix some failures while unlocking the Persistent Storage. (#19728)

    Sometimes, upgrading the cryptographic parameters of the Persistent Storage was taking too long and made unlocking the Persistent Storage fail. We allowed the upgrade to take more time before reporting a failure.

    Please keep reporting errors using WhisperBack if you have problems unlocking your Persistent Storage.

  • Fix the circuit view of Tor Browser that was sometimes not displayed. (#19897)

For more details, read our changelog.

Known issues

See the list of long-standing issues.

Get Tails 5.16

To upgrade your Tails USB stick and keep your persistent storage

  • Automatic upgrades are available from Tails 5.0 or later to 5.16.

    You can reduce the size of the download of future automatic upgrades by doing a manual upgrade to the latest version.

  • If you cannot do an automatic upgrade or if Tails fails to start after an automatic upgrade, please try to do a manual upgrade.

To install Tails on a new USB stick

Follow our installation instructions:

The Persistent Storage on the USB stick will be lost if you install instead of upgrading.

To download only

If you don't need installation or upgrade instructions, you can download Tails 5.16 directly: