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Menyelusuri daftar pertanyaan yang sering diajukan kami.


Pastikan Anda sedang menggunakan versi terbaru, karena memperbarui dapat memecahkan masalah Anda.

Check if the problem is already known

Anda dapat melihat di:

Melaporkan sebuah kesalahan

Jika Anda sedang menghadapi sebuah kesalahan di Tails, dimohon untuk mengikuti panduan pelaporan bug.

If Tails does not start, please see our specific reporting guidelines.

Permintaan sebuah fitur

If you would like to see a new feature in Tails, search the open issues in GitLab first, and file a new issue on GitLab if no existing one matches your needs.

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You can write to our help desk by email:

Encrypting your emails with our OpenPGP key is the only way to achieve end-to-end encryption.


Join our XMPP chat room to talk to contributors and users.

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