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找找看我們的 問答集列表。


Make sure you are using the latest version, as upgrading might solve your problem.

Check if the problem is already known



如果你發現Tails出錯, 請依照 程式臭蟲回報 指示來做。

如果Tails 沒有啟動, 請見特別的 回報指南


If you would like to see a new feature in Tails, search the open issues in GitLab first, and file a new issue on GitLab if no existing one matches your needs.

Write to our help desk


You can write to our help desk by email:

We are not able to answer every support request made to our help desk. So, you might not receive a reply to your request.

We are working on a way for our help desk to automatically reply to requests for support. (#17935).

We answer requests in:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Requests not in English might take longer to answer. Imperfect English is welcome :)

使用我們的 OpenPGP-密鑰 來加密電郵,這是唯一可以達到端對端安全通訊的方式。


加入 XMPP 聊天室和其它貢獻者或使用者聊聊。

  • server:
  • room: tails
  • 使用 TLS/SSL 連線!