We recently asked you to give us a hand to fund our work in 2018.

Today, we want to tell you what we accomplished in 2017.

  • New features and userfriendly interfaces

    • We were particularly proud of releasing Tails 3.0 almost at the same time as Debian 9.0 (Stretch) which strengthens our commitment to the free software communities without which Tails wouldn't exist.

    • We added new features, like OnionShare for sharing files, and redesigned other core features, like Tails Greeter and Tails Installer, to be much easier to use.

  • Security hardening

    • We'll soon provide a reproducible build of the ISO image to protect users and developers from a malicious build of our ISO image. This effort was paid for by the Mozilla Open Source Support award which we received in 2016.

    • We promised to work on making all our mirrors use HTTPS and we're proud to announce that our mirror pool now contains over 40 active and fast mirrors. They all serve our files over an encrypted TLS connection when downloading via the website with JavaScript enabled, when using our Download And Verify Extension and when Tails is updated.

  • Community

    • We published our Social contract, the guiding principles that reflect the commitment to our ideals.
  • Fundraising

    • Have more reliable and steady sources of income: We created a page presenting our past and present sponsors and hopefully inciting more companies and individuals to make substantial donations.

Next to this selection of new features, we also work on recurring tasks:

  • In 2017, we published seven Tails releases.

  • We answered 122 bug reports on average each month through our help desk and helped many people being safer online. Each user request costs us 6€ on average to proceed. In 2017 our help desk was paid entirely out of donations.

  • We maintain and update our infrastructure. You might not see this effort, but it constitutes a crucial part of our work to verify that everything is functioning correctly, build ISO images, test, make it possible to publish emergency releases faster.

  • Organizing our own meetings and attending conferences in our field is critical to keep our community alive and relevant. But this is usually hard to get funded by grants, so donations help us a lot here.

  • In 2017, we attended conferences and connected to free software and Internet freedom communities in 8 different countries: OTF Summit (USA), 33C3 & Reproducible Builds world summit (Germany), FOSDEM (Belgium), IFF (Spain), Tor dev (Netherlands), GUADEC (United Kingdom), DebConf (Canada), CryptoRave (Brasil).

  • Keeping Tails successful also implies quite a bit of administration to raise funds, do accounting, organize work, write reports, etc.

Besides substantial donations, we would be able to better plan our future work if we would receive many more monthly donations.

If you can, we'd love for you to sign up for monthly donations at whatever level suits you ($5 = formidable. $10 = wonderful. More money = magnificent.)

If you like our work, please take one minute to keep Tails alive.