As many of you noticed, our main server was offline from Friday April 30 19:09 UTC until Monday May 3 05:58 UTC.

This was caused by a hardware failure in one of the many Power Distribution Units on the rack where our main server is hosted. Riseup, also hosted in the same datacenter, suffered from the same hardware failure.

Unfortunately, the outage impacted all Tails users: upgrades were failing and our website was not appearing when starting Tor Browser.

Some of you were afraid that the Tails infrastructure could have gone under an attack of some sort. This does not seem to have been the case. The actual reasons for the power glitch are still being investigated, but all indicates that it was a simple hardware failure. There are no signs of malicious activity whatsoever.

It took us so much time to bring it back online because of a bad configuration of our notification system. Our sysadmins only learned about the outage when coming back to work on Monday.

To avoid such long delay in the future, we will make our notification system more resilient.

Sorry for the inconvenience!