Tails'e katkıda bulunmanın bir çok yolu var. Bu topluluk için sarf edilen hiç bir efor küçük değil, hepsi bizim için değerli. O yüzden Tails'te farklılık yaratabileceğin bir şeyler bulmak için okumaya devam et.

Share your experience

Every user can help others or provide developers with useful information.


Contribute your language skills


Good writers can make Tails accessible to more people.


Translators can allow more people around the world to use Tails.


Speakers can advocate Tails to all kinds of public.

Contribute your computer skills

Developer or maintainer

Software people with very diverse skills can improve Tails.

System administrator

System administrators can contribute to the infrastructure behind Tails.


Designers can make Tails easier to use and more appealing.

This section is only in English, because there is currently no way to contribute to Tails if you do not understand English.

Reference documents

Tools for contributors

Release cycle

Relationship with upstream and derivatives

Collective process

Contact us

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