The sections below summarize the most common problems when connecting to Tor.

The computer clock is set to an incorrect time zone

Your clock and time zone need to be correct to connect to Tor.

Choose Fix Clock in the error screen of the Tor Connection assistant to set the clock and time zone of your computer.

You did not enter the bridge correctly

Only obfs4 bridges can be used in Tails currently.

An obfs4 bridge looks like:

obfs4 B0E566C9031657EA7ED3FC9D248E8AC4F37635A4 cert=OYWq67L7MDApdJCctUAF7rX8LHvMxvIBPHOoAp0+YXzlQdsxhw6EapaMNwbbGICkpY8CPQ iat-mode=0

You need to enter the entire line, not just the IP address and port combination.

The bridge is no longer operational

It is possible that the bridge that you entered is no longer working.

Try entering another bridge or requesting other bridges.