Tails was first released in August 2009, when it was still called amnesia. In 2019, Tails celebrated 10 years of existence.


  • پروژهٔ تیلز بدون دبیان، دبیان لایو و تور امکان‌پذیر نبود؛ برای جزییات بیشتر رجوع کنید به سند relationship with upstream ما.

  • Tails was inspired by the Incognito LiveCD. The Incognito author declared it to be dead on March 23, 2010, and wrote that Tails "should be considered as its spiritual successor".

  • The Privatix Live-System was an early source of inspiration, too.

  • Some ideas (in particular the improvements to the memory erasure procedure) were borrowed from Liberté Linux.

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