Tails никогда не будет пытаться вредить вам или других пользователей, основной принцип our social contract. Как часть этого обязательства, мы написали для того чтобы помочь сделать информативный выбор можете ли вы доверять Tails.

Мы думаем, что Tails можно доверять потому что:

Наш программный код является открытым

Tails это Free Software и международные исследователи безопасности могут исследовать наш source code.

Наиболее Tails объяснены в design documents.

Tails базируется на Tor и Debian

Большая часть ПО включённого в Tails создано не нами, а унаследовано от Tor и Debian:

  • Debian is one of the oldest Linux distributions and the one with the most derivatives, including Ubuntu. Debian and its derivatives are the most popular Linux distributions on web servers across the Internet. The Debian project is coordinated over the Internet by a team of volunteers whose work is entirely public. All this makes Debian one of the Free Software projects under the most scrutiny by security researchers.

  • Tor is the best anonymity network available. Tor has partnered with leading research institutions and has been subjected to intensive academic research. Tor has received awards from institutions such as the EFF and the Free Software Foundation. Even the NSA qualified Tor as "the King of high secure, low latency Internet Anonymity."

  • Our downloads are verifiable

    Making sure that our users are really downloading an unmodified version of our work is also critical to trust and security:

  • Tails is recommended by renown and diverse people and organizations

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