To configure the Persistent Storage, choose Applications ▸ Tails ▸ Persistent Storage.

Since Tails 5.8 (December 2022), your data corresponding to each feature of the Persistent Storage is stored to the USB stick immediately. You don't have to restart Tails anymore after enabling a new feature.

For example, when you enable the Tor Browser Bookmarks feature of the Persistent Storage, your current bookmarks are saved in the Persistent Storage immediately.

В настоящее время в Постоянном хранилище есть только перечисленные опции.

We are often asked to implement new features of the Persistent Storage: Tor Browser preferences, Tor configuration, desktop background, mouse and touchpad settings, and so on. See the list of issues about the Persistent Storage in our GitLab.

Personal Documents

Persistent Folder

When the Persistent Folder feature is turned on, you can save your personal files and working documents in the Persistent folder.

To open the Persistent folder, choose Places ▸ Persistent.

Tor Browser can only access the Tor Browser subfolder in the Persistent folder. You can only save your downloads to the Persistent/Tor Browser folder. To upload a file, you must copy it to the Persistent/Tor Browser folder first.

System Settings

Экран приветствия

When the Welcome Screen feature is turned on, the settings from the Welcome Screen are saved in the Persistent Storage: language, keyboard, and additional settings.

Чтобы восстановить настройки при запуске Tails, разблокируйте своё Постоянное хранилище на экране приветствия.


Когда включена опция Принтеров (Printers), настройки принтеров сохраняются в Постоянном хранилище.


Сетевые соединения

When the Network Connections feature is turned on, the password for Wi-Fi networks and configuration of wired networks are saved in the Persistent Storage.

Мост Tor

Когда включена опция моста Tor (Tor Bridge), мост, который вы использовали для подключения к сети Tor в последний раз, будет сохранён в Постоянном хранилище.


Tor Browser Bookmarks

When the Tor Browser Bookmarks feature is turned on, changes to the bookmarks in Tor Browser are saved in the Persistent Storage.

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet

When the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet feature is turned on, the bitcoin wallet and preferences of the Electrum bitcoin client are saved in the Persistent Storage.

Thunderbird Email Client

When the Thunderbird Email Client feature is turned on, the email, feeds, and OpenPGP keys in the Thunderbird email client are saved in the Persistent Storage.


When the GnuPG feature is turned on, the OpenPGP keys that you create or import in GnuPG and Kleopatra are saved in the Persistent Storage.

Since Tails 4.13 (November 2020), Thunderbird uses its own OpenPGP keyring, different from the keyring used by GnuPG and Kleopatra. You don't need to enable the GnuPG feature anymore if you only use OpenPGP encryption in Thunderbird.

Pidgin Internet Messenger

When the Pidgin Internet Messenger feature is turned on, all the configuration files of the Pidgin internet messenger are saved in the Persistent Storage:

  • The configuration of your accounts, contacts, and chats

  • Your OTR encryption keys and keyring

The content of the discussions is not saved, unless you configure Pidgin to do so.

All the configuration options are available from the graphical interface of Pidgin. You don't need to manually edit or overwrite the configuration files.

Клиент SSH

When the SSH Client feature is turned on, all the files related to the Secure Shell (SSH) client are saved in the Persistent Storage:

  • The SSH keys that you create or import

  • The public keys of the hosts you connect to

  • The SSH configuration file in /home/amnesia/.ssh/config

Advanced Settings

Дополнительные программы

Когда включена опция Дополнительных программ (Additional Software), программы по вашему выбору будут установлены каждый раз при запуске Tails.

Соответствующие пакеты программ хранятся в Постоянном хранилище. Обновления безопасности устанавливаются при подключении к сети.

Программы в составе Tails были тщательно протестированы и признаны безопасными. Установка дополнительных программ может снизить уровень безопасности Tails, поэтому будьте осторожны.


Если включена опция дотфайлов (Dotfiles):

  • все файлы в папке /live/persistence/TailsData_unlocked/dotfiles связаны с папкой Домашняя папка через симлинки Linux;

  • все файлы в подпапках /live/persistence/TailsData_unlocked/dotfiles также связаны с соответствующими подпапками Домашней папки через симлинки Linux;

  • в левой панели файлового менеджера Файлы и в меню Места (верхняя навигационная панель) виден ярлык, указывающий на папку /live/persistence/TailsData_unlocked/dotfiles.

Предположим, в /live/persistence/TailsData_unlocked/dotfiles находится такая структура:

├── file_a
├── folder
│   ├── file_b
│   └── subfolder
│       └── file_c
└── emptyfolder

В /home/amnesia будет следующее:

├── file_a → /live/persistence/TailsData_unlocked/dotfiles/file_a
└── folder
    ├── file_b → /live/persistence/TailsData_unlocked/dotfiles/folder/file_b
    └── subfolder
        └── file_c → /live/persistence/TailsData_unlocked/dotfiles/folder/subfolder/file_c

Опция дотфайлов связывает только отдельные файлы в Постоянном хранилище, но не папки целиком. Пустые папки игнорируются, как следует из примера выше.

On Tails and Linux in general, the name of configuration files often starts with a dot and are sometimes called dotfiles for this reason. The Dotfiles feature of the Persistent Storage makes it easy to persist such "dotfiles", for example /home/amnesia/.gitconfig or /home/amnesia/.bashrc.

Be careful if you use the Dotfiles feature to overwrite the default settings.

The programs included in Tails are carefully configured with security in mind. You can weaken your security if you change the defaults.

The anonymity of Tor and Tails relies on making it harder to distinguish one Tails user from another. In some cases, changing the default settings can break your anonymity.

Сохранение настроек дисплеев

Если у вас более двух дисплеев (например, вы выводите сигнал с компьютера на два монитора или на монитор и проектор), можно сохранить настройки с использованием опции Дотфайлов.

  1. Включите функцию Dotfiles и перезапустите Tails.

  2. Choose Applications ▸ System Tools ▸ Settings to open the Settings utility.

  3. Choose Displays in the Settings utility.

  4. Настройте дисплеи.

  5. Choose Places ▸ Dotfiles to open the /live/persistence/TailsData_unlocked/dotfiles folder in the Files browser.

  6. Click the Main Menu button in the title bar and turn on the option Show Hidden Files.

  7. Создайте папку с названием .config (config с точкой в качестве первого знака).

  8. Скопируйте файл .config/monitors.xml из Домашней папки в /live/persistence/TailsData_unlocked/dotfiles/.config.

Deleting the data corresponding to a feature

When you turn off a feature of the Persistent Storage:

  • The data of the feature is not available anymore in Tails.

    For example:

    • If you turn off the Persistent Folder feature, the documents saved in Places  ▸ Persistent are not available anymore.

    • If you turn off the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet feature, the wallet used by Electrum is not available anymore.

  • The data of the feature is still saved in the USB stick.

    A Delete Data button appears in the setting of the feature.

    • Click the Delete Data button to delete the corresponding data from the USB stick.

    • Turn on the feature again to restore the data and make it available in Tails again.